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Kpito: modern, easy to use, powerful

Kpito is the most flexible and powerful digital educational platform. 

  • Kpito is the most flexible and complete digital teaching environment for primary schools.
  • It responds exactly to the needs of the teachers and students, providing maximum control to the teacher with immediate feedback.
  • Kpito is economical (net savings!), simple and pleasant to use for both pupils and teachers.
  • Fun and intuitive interface, real-time monitoring of pupils' responses, simple planning with push of activities and / or learning objectives and CAT-ELO automatic individualization based on the pupil's needs.

What is Kpito?

Kpito is a digital exercise platform for students ages 4 to about 15. The platform allows teachers of different subjects to choose from thousands of preloaded exercises.

What are the benefits of using Kpito in schools?

The benefits brought are mainly found in the most effective learning by the pupils, whose work will be followed individually in all its activities. Kpito is adaptive, using an AI algorithm to automatically furnish focused content to the student when he/she works in adaptive mode.

At the same time the teacher will benefit from a great savings of time which will allow him/her to follow each pupil of the class individually, making them progress at the speed he deems most suitable, meeting the needs of pupils with difficulties and those of more pupils. 

Each student can access the platform with the login, from any device, in any location and at any time.

Kpito in the world

Kpito was born in 2016 for the Italian school system, based on the experience of executives of Snappet, the most popular interactive digital platform in the Netherlands with 400,000+ users. Born in and for Italy, Kpito is now also marketed in Holland, Belgium and Indonesia. We are actively looking for commercialization partners in all other countries: publishers, scholastic product providers and/or entrepreneurs. Localizing Kpito costs only a few thousand dollars, and content can be added locally or in collaboration with our head office. Since Kpito is written in React, it is extremely scalable to large numbers of users at very low cost. Give us a call!

Get in touch!

We are happy to talk to publishers, educational service/hardware providers and/or local entrepreneurs who want to bring all the decisive advantages of Kpito to their country.